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Meet our Medical Director- Dr. Robert Applebaum.

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

We are so excited to finally have our own big office and a new medical director who we just love!! I have been in the business since 2010 and I have been longing to meet a great doctor to partner with me in my business. I have finally found someone who believes in me and not only my business but my vision. He is not only an amazing doctor but also a very friendly, empathetic, open minded and not big headed person.

Dr. Applebaum has been my laser client for over a year now- he was introduced to me by my Alma Lasers rep who knew that he had to send the doctor into me when he was looking for a great laser company. We had gotten to know each other very well over that year and had talked about working together as soon as I was able to open my new office. What great timing!!

Dr. Robert Applebaum specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgeries. He also specializes in cosmetic injectables such as Botox, Juvaderm, Jeuveau, Voluma and Versa. We will have event days where he will be seeing clients at our office a few days a month

Meet our Medical Director- Dr. Robert Applebaum.
Dr. Robert Applebaum

. When in you can also talk to him about any potential surgeries that you are interested in inquiring about. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for event information.

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