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Permanent Makeup

Elevate your beauty effortlessly with Permanent Makeup by our skilled Aesthetician, Jen Bloink, at Perfectly Bare Laser, Tampa MedSpa. Accentuate your features with precision and long-lasting results using advanced techniques. Whether it's eyebrows, eyeliner, or lip tint, our expert will enhance your look, saving you time while radiating natural charm. Trust Perfectly Bare Laser for flawless, personalized permanent makeup that complements your unique style.

We are excited to offer Permanent Brow Makeup for our clients.  Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup.  It is also used to produce artificial eyebrows, particularly in people who have lost them as a consequence of old age or disease.

If you have been looking for a permanent solution, please set up a consult to discuss what may be the best option.

Perfectly Bare Laser.- Experience Eybrow enhancement with Permanent Make Up or Tint.  Before picture
Perfectly Bare Laser.- Experience Eybrow enhancement with Permanent Make Up or Tint.  After picture
Treatment Options

There are a lot of ways to get your brows done these days, and lots of names for the same procedures can be confusing. I'll break down the top three brow techniques that are most requested by clients.

  • Microblading is a type of permanent makeup that creates the most natural looking brows. We will create tiny, paper-cut like scratches on the skin and apply pigment to create the illusion of hair strokes on the brow. This technique is perfect for a natural everyday brow and gives you a template to fill in when you prefer a bolder look.

  • Ombre/Powder/Shaded brows are different from microblading because they create a powdery shade of color, rather than a hair stroke pattern. This technique is for women that don't want to fill in their brow, as this technique creates the illusion that you always have a bit of makeup on. They are very bold at first and will fade 30-40%.

  • Combo brows are a combination of the two. It is still natural with the hair stroke pattern, but dense enough to not have to fill in your brows. Its the happy medium!


First, you must make sure you are a good candidate for permanent makeup. The best way to do this is with a phone consultation. Please text a few clear pictures of your brows without make up to (813) 444-3204 with your full name, email address and the procedure you'd like.

Treatment Process

We start the appointment with a short consult to make sure we are both on the same page about your brows. Then we spend 30-60 minutes mapping your brows to find a shape you love. Once the shape is confirmed, you will numb for 20 minutes. Once you are relaxed and numb, we dive into the actual procedure. All together the appointment can last for 2.5-3.5 hours. The touch up 4-6 weeks later shouldn’t take more than an hour.


A touch up is included for all brow procedures. Touch ups are extremely important to the longevity of the brow because it almost always takes two sessions to make perfect the shape and color. The touch up will be done 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure to let the brows completely heal. If you miss that time frame, you will be charged for the 3-6 month touch up.

How Long Does it Last?

Many artists claim that microblading is semi-permanent, however no one can make that claim. If you stop getting touch ups, your microblading will mostly likely leave some sort of smudge or stain on the skin. microblading is referred to as "semi-permanent" because it does fade considerably and need touch ups annually to keep the brows crisp and dark. Oily skin types will need more frequent touch ups as well as clients that spend a lot of time in the sun, as the sun tends to bleach out the brows. Avoid chemical peels, retinol, anti-aging creams, and other harsh treatments to prevent the brows from fading prematurely.

Perfectly Bare Laser.- Experience Eybrow enhancement with Permanent Make Up or Tint.  Before and After picture wiith Channing from our team at our Tampa medSpa
What You Can Expect
  • You can read through the following instructions to ensure the brows heal as well as possible.

  • Day 1- Gently press the brows with the provided tissue every few minutes on your way home. Wipe your brows with a damp cotton round, press dry, then and apply a THIN layer of aftercare ointment to the brow. This should be no more than a rice grain size. Do this once an hour for the rest of the day. This will prevent the formation of scabs.

  • Day 2-7- Gently cleanse your brows with the provided cleanser, press dry, then apply a rice grain size of ointment to the brows. This should be the only contact with water they will have for the day. You can apply another rice grain size of ointment if they are feeling tight or dry in the afternoon.

  • no long steamy showers

  • no exercise

  • no sweating

  • no direct sun

  • no picking or itching

  • no pools, oceans, saunas, hot tubs

  • no facials or skin treatments

  • no products other than the ones you're provided

  • no brow makeup of any kind during healing

Areas to be Treated:

At Perfectly Bare Laser we are focused on treating Eyebrows

How many sessions?

People are getting incredible results as soon as the first treatment, however for maximum results we are recommending 2 sessions.  We also suggest an annual touchup if needed.

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