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"Perfectly Bare Tampa Medspa - Experience Painless Hair Removal with Industry-Leading Alma Laser Technology | Unveil Smooth, Beautiful Skin at the Forefront of Hair Removal Innovation."


At Perfectly Bare Laser, Tampa MedSpa, we understand the significance of achieving flawless skin, and we're thrilled to introduce you to our Sciton Halo and Sciton BBL services. Our pricing for these advanced treatments is not only competitive but also remarkably flexible, ensuring you can access the rejuvenating benefits of Halo and BBL without breaking the bank.

The Sciton Halo treatment is renowned for its ability to address various skin concerns, including fine lines, sun damage, and uneven texture, by combining ablative and non-ablative wavelengths. Our pricing options for Halo are designed to cater to your specific needs and budget, allowing you to achieve a radiant complexion effortlessly.

Similarly, Sciton BBL, or BroadBand Light therapy, offers exceptional results in treating skin imperfections like age spots, redness, and vascular lesions. At Perfectly Bare Laser, Tampa MedSpa, we've curated pricing options that make BBL accessible to all, so you can enjoy its skin-renewing benefits.

To make your journey to beautiful skin even more convenient, we offer two financing options through withCherry and Care Credit, ensuring that your desired Halo and BBL treatments fit seamlessly into your financial plan. Discover the transformative power of Sciton Halo and Sciton BBL at Perfectly Bare Laser, Tampa MedSpa, where quality and affordability converge for your skincare needs.

Sciton Pricing



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Face & Neck 

1 Treatment |  $1,500

2 Treatments | $2,800

Chest | $500

Body Parts - Pricing on Consult



Forever Young +

Face & Neck 

1 Treatment |  $500

3 Treatments | $1,350


Face & Neck 

1 Treatment |  $300



Forever Clear


2 Treatment |  $600

4 Treatments | $1,000

Add'l Sessions | $250

Perfectly Bare provides very flexible financing options through withCherry.  No Hard Credit check, instant decision.  Financing based on withCherry Credit rating

Unlock Your Beauty Transformation with Ease - Introducing WithCherry Financing at Perfectly Bare Laser. Achieve your aesthetic goals without compromise.  No Hard Credit Check.  Instant Decision.  Friendly Payment Terms

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