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Perfectly Bare Laser has a goal to help our clients "look better & feel better".​  We are proud to partner with ALMA Lasers to offer different skin treatment modalities.  One of our favorite devices to treat skin discoloration is the ALMA Dye-VL laser.

The Alma DYE-VL combines two trusted technologies, Pulsed Dye Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to create the new “GOLD STANDARD” for treatment of a variety of skin conditions.

This treatment uses a selective pulsed light energy precisely absorbed by the targeted area, all without damaging healthy skin. Clusters of melanin and can appear brown and as these pigmented lesions are treated; the light energy heats the melanin and causes it to fragment. These fragments are then absorbed by the body and eliminated. Vascular lesions are clustering of blood vessels, by selectively heating and closing off these blood vessels, the pulsed light reduces the lesions while sparing nearby tissue from injury. 

Conditions Treated:

Dye VL treatments can safely and effectively treat vascular and pigmented lesions and can help improve conditions such as: photodamage, port wine stains, telangiectasias, hemangiomas, erythema, rosacea and poikilderma (red/brown hue on the neck and décolletage).

Where it's For?

Treatments can be performed on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.

Before and After

What are treatments like?

During a treatment smooth consistent light pulses ensure the energy delivered to the skin is gentle and effective. We first apply a topical anesthetic to the skin for client comfort. During treatment clients may feel the sensation of a light rubber band snap to the skin with a bright camera flash. After treatment clients can immediately resume regular activities. It is important to note sun tanning may cause an adverse response to this treatment and should be avoided. Most patients require two to four treatments spaced three to four weeks apart for optimal results. 

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