How to reach us

If you are a new client or potential new client and would like to ask some questions call us. I am Joyce, the owner of Perfectly Bare. I answer all the phone calls that come in. If I do not answer I may be in a meeting. etc. I do call back all incoming calls that I miss as soon as possible. If I do not answer please text us and ask for me to call you back- and if there are specific times that you need to be called back let me know in the text. Or you ca just wait for me yo call you back.

We do not require you to have a consultation- but you can if you want- but most of the times I can answer any questions that you have or you can find out the information on our website. The website has lots of information about our office, our staff, services offered and pricing etc. And the blog area answers almost any question that anyone has ever asked me. Scroll through and read what pertains to you.

If you are ready to make an appointment then text us. The texts go to the front desk staff and they can help you schedule the appointment. We find that texting is the easiest and quickest way to communicate. Many love that they can text while at work or at a soccer games etc and be able to make or reschedule their appointment. Let us know your full name, email address, what areas that you are wanting to do and your availability and we can check the schedule and get back to you with options. We are open Monday through Friday from between 8-8:30am until 7pm Monday through Friday and 9-2pm on Saturdays. Sunday is our family day so we are not open that day..

Our phone number is 813-786-5781. Our website is Our phone number is .

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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