Why I tell people to not get a Groupon for laser hair removal.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Laser hair removal is a medical treatment that if not done properly you can get burnt (and can be so bad that you can be scarred for years or life- I have seen so many bad burns from other places). Or if the laser isn't calabrated every year (making sure that it is firing properly) then it can not even work properly. Most place that are offering a Groupon for laser are trying hard to get clientele because they are not busy. I am not completely booked every minute of every day but very busy, but if a company is not busy at all then you need to ask why that is the case. Many of those business do not have good reviews (many times horrible ones) so I always tell people to read those reviews and do their research. Not everyone can love every business so even I have a few bad reviews (mostly people that I have asked to not come back because of their behavior or them being rude to me or my staff) but at least most of them should be positive.

Also most people do not realize that Groupon takes 50% of the money that the consumer pays for that Groupon. Once that fee is paid there is not much money left to pay the technician, the doctor who has to be on staff in the state of Florida and their everyday expenses. You need to question a business that actually looses money with a service.

Please do your research, read reviews, ask about their laser- it is worth the extra time t

o make sure that you are going to the right place.

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