Why are you still waxing???

When I talk to women who are still waxing my first question to them is why are you still waxing. In this day in age I am not sure why anyone is still waxing unless they have light blonde or gray hair or trying to remove hair over a tattoo. When laser hair removal first came out the treatments were all very expensive and the lasers were very painful and you couldn't have any sun exposure.

Technology has changed and even though most of the lasers are still very painful and damaging to the skin, and you still cannot have any sun exposure during the process or you will get badly burnt, there is a laser out there that is much better. Our award winning Alma Soprano system is FDA approved for all skin types and tanned skin. The laser is also "virtually pain free" using the in motion technology. We are able to offer comfortable and fast treatments to all skin types. And the system is not damaging to the skin so you will not have welted, irritated skin like you do with other lasers and waxing.

When someone waxes they need to let the hair grow out for a week or so after the hair appears 10 days after a waxing treatment so you will be hairy for that period of time. The waxing treatment for most is very painful and damaging to the skin causing welting of the skin for 2-3 days after the treatment. Most say that they do not dare wear a bathing suit for those few days because of how irriting the skin is. Many have told me that after waxing their bikini area they cannot even have sex for a few days due to the irritation! Then after a few days when the irritation dies down you have about 7 days where the area is hair free and the skin is no longer irritated. 10 days after the treatment the hair begins to grow back. And most women pay between $40-60 a treatment (plus a tip) for a Brazilian treatment every 3-4 weeks.

With laser hair removal you shave the day before so the hair is short but the area isn't irritated for the treatment. The hair takes around 10 days to shed out. The hair looks like it is growing slowly but just pushing itself out of the follicle. For most people after the 10 days they will be "hair free" for around 4 1/2 weeks for all areas except for the face where it will be 3 1/2 weeks.

During that time there is no need to do anything so if the skin is irritated or full of in grown hairs or scabs (which is very common from shaving and waxing) this will be a great time to let it heal. We ask you to exfoliate with a loofah sponge to help with the issues. Close to the 6 week mark the hair begins to grow back lighter and finer, even after the first treatment. If the hair starts coming back before you are due to come back in 6 weeks and you need for the hair to be short you can always shave since the hair needs to be short anyway for the treatment. After a few treatments the hair becomes lighter and finer so it is much harder to see even when you shave and the hair is much easier to shave since it is now lighter and finer. And the Brazilian laser treatment is $80 per session and the sessions are every 6 weeks which ends upping cheaper then waxing. Also after an average of 5-10 treatments most people can be hair free or close to hair free for a good period of time, maybe just needing a touch up periodically for any straggler hairs that may come out. For more hormonal areas like the face and bikini you may need to come in periodically for touch ups to keep the hair under control but even for the worst cases where women have PCOS or other hormonal areas having the hair stay very light and fine and it being gone for weeks at a time is life changing.

So why are you still waxing? Even if you are shaving most say they they spend more money on good razors and blades then they do on laser treatments at Perfectly Bare.

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