When is the best time to start the laser process?

There is really no perfect time to do so, and with the Alma laser system the laser is FDA approved for tanned skin so you do not have to wait until winter to start. The typical process takes close to a year to complete. Most body part appointments are every 6 weeks and take an average of 6-8 treatments with periodic touchups sometimes needed so anytime is a good time to start.

If you are looking to be hair free for

a vacation, wedding etc. I suggest coming in roughly 2 weeks before so that the hair will completely shed by then. Other then trying to schedule for an event you can start at any time. If you are one who goes to the beach or boating on the weekends I highly suggest trying to avoid any sun for 4-5 days before coming in so you do not have any fresh melanin. We can still perform the treatment we will just have to adjust the setting to compensate for the added melanin. We also ask you to stay out of the sun for a few days after. to let the energy die down in the treated area. Other then that you are good to be out in the sun- but don't forget the sunscreen!!!

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