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What should you do to prepare for the visit if lasering the face

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

What should you do to prepare for the visit if lasering the face. The face should be clean and are of makeup for the treatment. We have natural wipes (with no chemicals in them) in the office if you need to wipe off the makeup when you arrive. you can have lotion on your skin- that will not affect the treatment.

If you are using any retinol cream on your face please refrain from using it for 4-5 days before the treatment. Retinols will make your skin sun sensitive (and of course laser sensitive). You can continue with the cream immediately after the treatment.

After the treatment is complete you can apply lotions and makeup right after the treatment.

And most importantly you need to not pull any hairs for 10 days before coming in. When you pull a hair it takes 10 days for it to grow back. Some women think that their hair grows faster but that isn't possible. Those hairs that you see sooner are other hairs!! You can shave or trim the hairs for those 10 days but no pulling. Once that we start the process you should never pull any more hairs- that will undo all that we have done to better the situation. I know how impossible that seems to be but once that you start this journey you will be so happy and pleasantly surprised of how well laser hair removal will work. You will love it!!

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