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What does a woman's face treatment include?

Laser hair removal for the face for a woman is $60 per treatment and it includes any hair from under the eyes down to the bottom of the neck. Every woman has different areas on their face that they are struggling with so just let us know when you come in where the hairs are that you want lasered. Most of the time we are able to see them but sometimes you may have some hairs that are not as noticeable but still need taken care of.

If you are pulling any hairs stop. We want all of the hairs to be there for your treatment. We ask you to shave or trim the hairs before coming in so they are short.

If you only have hairs above your upper lip the treatment is $40 per treatment. If you truly only have a small patch on your chin the cost is also $40. The treatments for the face are every 5 weeks.

The face should be clean and without makeup for the treatment. We do have wipes at the office to take off the makeup if needed. You can reapply your makeup right after the treatment.

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