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What are you to expect with the laser hair removal process

Updated: Jan 16

What are you to expect with the laser hair removal process? Laser hair removal is an amazing thing for so many people, but it is a process and will take some time to complete the initial sessions. The average person with no issues with hormonal hair needs about 6-8 treatments five weeks apart for the face and six weeks for other body parts. It is common to come in periodically for touch ups for any straggler hairs that may arise. We ask you to leave us a little growth with the hairs so we can actually see them to spot treat them. I always suggest just doing whatever you can afford to do. Some start out lasering their entire body at one time because it is financially possible and others that start out with one or two areas because that is what they are able to budget, and then they add on other areas later.

There are also areas (such as the face and bikini area) that are more affected by hormones and can be harder to treat. Medical conditions such as PCOS can also make the process more difficult. Some people, both men and women, may also take hormone treatments for lower testosterone levels which have many positive benefits but can also increase hair growth. These clients will notice that the hair gets lighter and finer with every treatment, and they will have weeks without hair; however, as long as the hormone levels are elevated they will continue to have hair growth. Those who suffer with excess hair they are still very happy to have periods of time without hair and to have hair that is very thin and light when it grows out. I tell many women with hormonal facial hair this process will be similar to dealing with gray hairs on your head that you need to dye every few weeks. You may have to come in every 5 weeks to treat the hairs but they will be lighter, finer and much more manageable by keeping up the process.

No one can ever guarantee how many treatments you will actually need. Everybody and every body part varies. Some areas usually respond quickly such as the legs and underarms, but for certain people that may not be the case. I have been in this industry for over 9 years now and I have seen so many different situations, results, struggles, etc. We have about 3-5% of our clients that do everything right through the process, we see their hair shedding as it should in between appointments, but they have areas that we struggle to get completely hair free. We suggest at that time to come in periodically and get treatments to maintain the hair's condition because it is also difficult to predict the changes that will occur if we completely stop the treatments. Many would rather continue with periodic treatments and keep the hair light and fine than have to deal with daily shaving of dark, thick hairs like they used to.

Regardless of each individual situation, laser hair removal is always helpful and makes your life easier compared to irritation from waxing and daily shaving. The process takes time and is a financial commitment but most find it worth it. With our amazing Alma system that is FDA approved for all skin types and tanned skin we provide effective treatments with very little discomfort. Check out our blog area for much more information.

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