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The Inmode Morpheus treatment in Tampa

Updated: Jan 22

InMode Morphus8 At Perfectly Bare Laser we are excited to introduce Morpheus8 to our Tampa Medspa. Your skin is built on a structure made firm and supple by fibers of collagen and elastin. As your body ages, your skin no longer produces the quantity of strong, underlying fibers that keep the skin firm and youthful, resulting in it developing fine lines and wrinkles, loss of volume, and laxity. Morpheus8 is a sub-dermal remodeling device designed to reinforce the underlying structure of your skin, restoring volume and firmness and smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This all-in-one treatment addresses a range of concerns, treating the signs of aging skin to restore a youthful, revitalized appearance.

How does Morphus8 work? Through the power of RF technology, Morpheus8 is so much more than a traditional microneedling treatment. The Morpheus8 handheld applicator has a head with gold-plated steel micro-pins. These pins disperse radio frequency energy in preselected depths of 2, 3 or 4 millimeters, longer than those used in a traditional microneedling treatment. As these needles penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, powerful RF energy is channeled into your skin, heating the tissue to stimulate your body’s production of collagen and elastin. At the same time, the energy tightens the existing fibers and remodels fat, giving the skin a more firm and youthful appearance. The results for each patient may vary. Two to three treatments may be required for the best results.

What areas can Morphus8 treat? Morpheus8 is a versatile treatment for the face and body which can be used to reinforce the underlying structure of your skin on the face and body. The most commonly treated areas include the mid- to lower-face and neck, but it may be used on any areas which exhibit skin laxity, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles and crepiness. Is there downtime with Morphus8? Because Morpheus8 is non-surgical, there is little downtime associated with your treatment. Most patients find they are comfortable returning to work the day after the procedure. You may experience mild pinpoint bleeding immediately following treatment, which should resolve itself within a few minutes. Your skin may look and feel as if you have a sunburn for up to seven days following treatment with Morpheus8. Ensure you protect your skin with adequate sun protection following your procedure, as it will be particularly susceptible to sun damage. Who is not a candidate for Morphus8? Pregnancy or nursing, Pacemaker or internal defibrillator, Permanent implant in the treated area such as metal plates and screws, silicone implants or an injected chemical substance, Current or history of cancer, especially skin cancer, or pre-malignant moles, Impaired immune system due to immunosuppressive diseases such as AIDS and HIV, or use of immunosuppressive medications, Severe conditions such as cardiac disorders, epilepsy, uncontrolled hypertension, and liver or kidney diseases, A history of diseases stimulated by heat, such as recurrent Herpes Simplex in the treatment area. Any active condition in the treatment area, such as sores, psoriasis, eczema and rash as well as excessively/freshly tanned skin, History of skin disorders such as keloid scarring, abnormal wound healing, as well as very dry and fragile skin, Any medical condition that might impair skin healing, Poorly controlled endocrine disorders, such as diabetes or thyroid dysfunction, Any surgical, invasive, ablative procedure in the treatment area in the last 3 months or before complete healing, Allergies or intolerance to local anesthetics (lidocaine, etc), Active malignant facial lesions or lesions of concern.


$900 for the face and neck - 3 treatments for $2400 (needs to be paid in full at time of the first visit)

Add the chest for $300 per session

Resurfacing tip treatment added on after the original treatment $400 per treatment.

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