The benefits of lasering your underarms

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

When I mention lasering underarms many women say that they do not mind shaving their underarms but then once they start the process they LOVE having it done. Firstly your underarms look SO much better without all of those little black dots. And for women that have a darker shadow in that area just not having the little black dots lightens up the area tremendously.

Also many ethnic women remember that once that they started to shave/wax their underarms the area started getting darker. The darkness comes from the reaction of irritating the area every day. Once that you stop irritating the skin daily for most women the area starts to slowly lighten over time. Its not magic but definitely helpful.

And lastly but most importantly once that you start having no hair there for weeks at a time many women find that they seem to smell less- the bacteria sits on the hair follicle and grows which smells (the same thing happens with the bikini area!!)- no hair, much less bacteria there. And once I didn't have hair in that area I found that I could now wear a natural (and much healthier) deodorant. And with that you are not putting all of those chemicals that are in regular deodorant onto freshly shaved underarms that have little nicks and cuts from the shaving. Those little cuts are small open wounds where the chemicals can travel into and go into your bloodstream and lymph nodes. Not a good thing. So in conclusion lasering your underarms not only make your underarms look beautiful but also helps you to put less chemicals into your body- a win/win situation.

The underarms are $60 per treatment. The underarms are not a hormonal area and for most people seems to be the easiest and quickest area to laser. Most can be hair free in 5-10 treatments with maybe a little touch up here and thee for any stragglers that may come out over time. But again every person and every area can vary.

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