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Sun worshiper? Can you still get laser?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Sun worshiper? Can you still get laser? Yes, but you do need to follow a few rules during the process. Our Alma Soprano laser is FDA approved for all skin types and tanned skin but we do ask you to try to limit your sun exposure a few days before so you don't have any fresh melanin. If you do have sun exposure we will just have to adjust the setting to compensate for it.

And you do have to stay out of the sun for 3 days so after your treatment. You do have a lot of energy in your skin and you will burn if you expose the lasered areas to the sun. I have only had one experience in my 9 years of business where someone was laying outside in the shade the day after her treatment. While napping the sun moved and when she woke up she was laying in the sun. Her face blistered!!! Luckily she did not scar but that's amazing. So please listen and be VERY careful with the sun for a few days. And always remember to wear sunscreen. I know almost everyone thinks that they look better tan but I say I would rather look a little whiter and not have lots of wrinkles, tough skin and a greater chance of getting skin cancer. Just saying!!

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