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"Perfectly Bare Tampa Medspa - Experience Painless Hair Removal with Industry-Leading Alma Laser Technology | Unveil Smooth, Beautiful Skin at the Forefront of Hair Removal Innovation."

Scars or injuries on your area that you want to laser?

The Alma Lasers Soprano system is very gentle so can be run over scars. If the pigment is much darker on the scar but you still have hairs on or right next to the area we can turn down the setting just as we would if all of your skin was darker and run over the area.

If the scar is fresh and still sore then we can go around the scar tracing as close to it as possible. Once the area heals we can then treat the area. This is the case for women who have c-section scars. We treat women with those scars daily.

We can even put tape over the area if you are worried about the area being treated (well not on a helping scar but one that is already healed) just as we can do for people that have tattoos.

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