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Why do prices for laser hair removal vary so much?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Why do prices for laser hair removal vary so much? In general the laser hair removal business is an expensive one to open and run. The lasers start at $80k and can go up to $120k. Our liability and product insurances are very expensive, and in the state of Florida we need to work under a medical director which is costly.

Some places offer extremely low prices or sell Groupons for their services- you really need to question those practices. If they are selling their services at such a low price you really need to question why they are doing such things. Are they not following the laws and working with certified techs? Do they not have a legit medical director? Are their lasers old, outdated and not properly calibrated (so important for good results)? Or are they just so desperate for clients that they are willing to loose money with every service (what kind of business are they to do that??)?

And then you have other big named national companies who charge a ridiculous amount of money for their treatments, using scare tactics in their sales pitches saying that all other companies will burn you, making ridiculous promises to people (like after the exact amount of 6 treatments your har will be gone forever- even for those who have hormonal issues like PCOS who may never be completely hair free due to their condition), and then talking people into opening a credit card with a very high interest rate to pay for their very inflated packages. I still cannot figure out why in today's world where you can research anything so easily why you would pay $3,000 for 6 treatments for your bikini area!

At PBL we have very reasonable prices- especially for the type of laser that we use. We charge per area per treatment so you pay as you go along which makes it so much more affordable. Due to all of our very happy clients who refer so many of their friends and family to us all of the time and also write great reviews for us because they love our prices, laser and staff we do not have to advertise which saves us a lot of money. We are also family run so my husband and daughter along with myself do all of our marketing, website design and social media which saves us so much money. We offer per treatment prices, no money needed up front for future services, and no contracts to force you to come back. Our clients come back time after time because they love us and their results.

Why do prices for laser hair removal vary so much?
Cost for Laser Hair Removal

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