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Men, do you have chest hairs that bother you?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Men, do you have chest hairs that bother you? We can help you. Whether you want to completely get rid of those chest hairs or just thin them out we can help. Many men shave lots of their body, including their chest, but their body feels so prickly where they shave- not sexy or fun to touch. We can laser the chest area and it will only take 10-15 minutes. The treatment is "virtually pain free", first just feeling very cold from the tip that cools the skin, then a little warmth, then you will feel a little pulling/tweezing sensation which is the laser penetrating down into the follicle to damage it.

You can continue with the treatments until the hairs all all gone (usually an average of 6-8 treatments) or just do 3-4 or so to nice thin out then hairs so they will be thinner and softer. And whether you do the treatments until the hair is gone or just do a few to thin out the hairs you may need to come in periodically for a touch up. The treatments are $250 each time which includes the full chest area down to the pant line.

Men, do you have chest hairs that bother you?
Chest Hairs

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