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Men, can we laser your face?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Again, we can laser any body part, including a man's face. The man's face is $100 per session.

Even though our laser is "virtually pain free" the man's face is a pretty painful but the entire face only takes a few minutes to laser and as soon as we are finished you have no discomfort or pain.

Because the hair on the man's face is so thick and there are so many hairs the area is definitely more challenging then any other body part. The first visit we will not be able to get all of the hairs but will make our first dent in the long process. If we are able to get 30-40% of the hairs that first visit that is very normal. 10 days after the treatment the hairs that we were able to pick up with the treatment will shed out then we can then do you second treatment (we usually schedule the second visit 2-3 weeks after the first). At that time it is a little easier to get the rest of the hair, or at least the majority of it sine there are less hairs there. The next visit will be week 5 when the hairs that we lasered initially will be growing back. We overlap those appointments for at least to get a good hold on the hair. After 4-5 visits we can start making the appointments every 5 weeks.

Each time that we laser the hair the hair will slowly get thinner and lighter making the shaving experience easier. As you can see it is a long process but for men that really struggle with the hair and their shaving experience the treatments are helpful and appreciated.

We can also just laser the neckline on the front instead of the entire face. Many men, especially ethnic men, have so many issues with their neck hair- in grown, irritations, discoloration, scarring. We do the process the same as the entire face since it is still difficult hair. The treatment for the neck area is $60 per visit.

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