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LGBTQ+ Friendly laser hair removal in Tampa

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

If you identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community and are interested in a LGBTQ+ Friendly laser hair removal in Tampa, look no further than Perfectly Bare Laser. PBL is an LGBTQ+ friendly MedSpa located in our private and secure Medical Condo on Habana Ace . We recognize the respect and trust that our clients require during treatments and we're dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for your laser hair removal. Read below to see some common questions and answers regarding the experience!

Does Perfectly Bare Laser ask for preferred pronouns/gender identity?

Due to our use of a medical history form required for our office, there is not currently a distinct section for preferred pronouns & gender identity. For now, please feel free to add this information next to your name on your form if you would like. You can also choose to let a PBLT employee know your preferred pronouns and gender identity and we will record this information for our records. Most importantly, you do not need to feel obligated to share any of that information with Perfectly Bare Laser. We want to respect your privacy above all else!

How many employees does Perfectly Bare Laser have? Are they all LGBTQ+ friendly?

At present Perfectly Bare laser has 14 employees including our Nurse Injector, Wellness Consultant Nurse, our front desk staff and our estheticians

Do you provide treatments to transgender/gender nonconforming people? How are the treatments priced?

Yes! PBL has been treating many transgender/gender nonconforming people since our company's beginning. Our goal is to support everyone in becoming happy and comfortable with their bodies based off of their goals for hair removal. If you want a specific area of hair removed we can do that; if you want your entire body to be hairless, we can do that too! It's all up to you. Prices on our website are approximate costs per treatment. Depending on the size of the area you plan to have lasered, prices may vary slightly. You can receive your individualized price estimate through a consultation either on the phone or during your first treatment. Your gender identity will NOT influence the price; only the size of the area does.

Do I need to take off my undergarments for laser?

For those interested in receiving laser on private areas, we generally do require removal of undergarments. If you are receiving treatment on any other area (face, legs, chest, back, arms, etc.) you may choose to leave on any clothing that doesn't prevent the laser from reaching the area. If you have any requests to make your experience more comfortable, let your PBLT laser technician know.

How will gender-affirming hormones influence my laser treatments?

Depending on the area, your hair growth may or may not be hormonal. Sometimes hormone treatments do not affect your hair removal outcome, but sometimes it may require just a few more treatments to properly remove all of the hair. For those persistent hairs, it may be necessary to return for follow-up treatments after a period of time before the hair is completely gone. Regardless, the hairs will become lighter and finer during each treatment you receive.

For further questions, please feel free to browse our website's About Us ( and FAQ ( sections. We are also available through our contact form on our Contact Us page, through email at, and through phone at (813) 444-3204. Texting or calling is preferred!

LGBTQ+ Friendly Laser Hair Removal in Tampa
LGBTQ+ Friendly

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