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Lasering the legs

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Lasering the legs. Legs are a great area to laser- for men and for women. For a man (just like any other area) you can do a series of treatments to just thin out the hair- not doing them the full amount of treatments to totally get rid of the hair but enough to thin out the area. The price is $300 for the full leg. If you only want part of the leg done we would have to see the area to give you a quote.

For women some women only do the bottom of the leg (from the knee down). Many women do not have much hair, if any, at all on the top, or the hair is so thin and light on the top of the leg that the laser will not pick it up. The laser is looking for pigment so if the hairs are very fine and have little pigment the laser will not be able to recognize the hair. The lower leg- from the knee down) is $200 per treatment. The full leg is $250 per treatment.

As with any other area 6-8 treatments is the average needed and periodic treatments in the future for any stragglers that come out is common. Many people come in a few times a year to touch up any regrowth that they may have. Many times with the leg treatments the last few treatments end up turning into spot treatments instead of full treatments. If you only have spots of hair and the other areas on the legs are hair free then we ask you to leave us a few days of growth so we can see where the hairs are and then we are able to spot treat them. We will charge you accordingly for those treatments (depending on how much hair is there and how much time spent to laser them).

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