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Laser Hair Removal for Men's Back

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

I have owned my laser business for about 14 years now. It's a personal preference on what areas that you want to be lasered but I always say a man should never have back hair- not sexy on any man!! So I always recommend Laser Hair Removal for Men's Back.

For those who shave or wax their back it is never ending. After only 10 days after waxing the hair is back, and 2-3 of those days after the treatment the area is red, irritated and sometimes full of welts from the violent nature of waxing the hair. And after shaving the hair isn't gone- a few day later it looks bad again.

The back treatment includes the neckline, the very top of the shoulders, the entire back all of the way down a little past the pant line. We go a little past the pant line so if your swim trunks or shorts are a little lower you will not have some crazy hairline that will show!!

We ask you to get a fresh haircut a day or two before the treatment so we can just follow the hairline when lasering and give you the exact line that you want.

We also ask you to shave the entire area the day before that way the hair is short but the area isn't newly irritated. If you shave the same day of the treatment the actual treatment will be much more uncomfortable- running over irritated skin is even more irritating to it. It is crucial for the hair to be short (very short, not just shortly clippered). When we run over the area with the laser it needs to pick up the hair at the surface of the skin and penetrate down into the follicle. If the hair is a little longer the treatments will be much more comfortable since it is heating the hair sticking out too much and the energy will be wasted on that hair and not all going down into the follicle which needs to happen to properly treat the hair.

Also we cannot help with the shaving. Imagine all of the hair that comes off of the back. The hair would be all over our table and floor!! If you do not have anyone to help you your barber may be able to do so. They can clipper it short then run over it with a razor. Or if you are doing it at home and the hair is longer I would suggest also clippering the hair first then running over it with a razor.

As mentioned in the blog about how many treatments the process may take it varies also with the back (read that blog- very informative and honest). Part of the back- the wing area and shoulder area- are hormonal areas which may take more treatments or may need a periodic touchup. Those areas are almost always the darkest areas on the back due to them being hormonal.

I know that for most men this seems like a process and an expensive thing to do since most men do not spend much more if any on esthetic procedures but it is so worth it. The back will look so smooth, so clean looking and so "perfectly bare". That area was my husband's favorite area that he did, and mine on him was his neckline which is included in the back treatment. His neckline looked good for a few days after a haircut then just days later it looked bad again. I had to shave it every week in between his haircuts. After going through the laser treatments the neck looks so good- and not hairy and your haircut will look better for a much longer period of time.

Laser hair removal for men's back is a necessity
Men's back

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