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Inmode Morpheus8 for Acne

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Morpheus8 is a newer treatment for acne that uses the latest radiofrequency micro-needling technology to address your acne concerns. While it’s more popular as an acne scar treatment, the radiofrequency used in the treatment can also address active acne breakouts at its root.

Acne can be caused by multiple things like dirt, dead skin, oil, and bacteria and if left untreated could become a chronic skin condition. Morpheus8 basically stops acne bacteria in its tracks. It not only destroys the bacteria that causes acne while ablating the skin tissue, but it also shrinks and eventually shuts down the oil glands that are found just below the surface of the skin making it so that the entire process that causes acne in the first place is halted before it even starts. No production of oily stuff for acne bacteria to feed off of equals no inflammation and no pimples.

While there’s a multitude of benefits from having a morpheus8 treatment done, the number one benefit for those prone to acne is that this treatment will reduce the chances of your skin developing more acne and experiencing long breakouts. With some of the main reasons for acne to occur being addressed, Morpheus8 is likely to leave you with an improved skin complexion free from breakouts once the treatment takes full effect.

Morpheus8 is also effective for acne scarring because it is actually a microneedling treatment, it makes tiny abrasions in your skin in order to stimulate a wound healing response that gets your body to produce collagen and elastin, and to turn over new healthy skin cells. It significantly heals and reduces the appearance of scars and any other textural irregularities, especially following a course of treatments.

Unfortunately we haven’t yet found a magic weapon that will get rid of acne overnight. We find that 3 treatments of Morpheus8 spaced 4-6 weeks apart usually yields the best results. But once they do, the results are amazing. Some patients find they only need annual treatments to keep their acne at bay (as long as they’re following a great skincare routine—never underestimate the power of good skincare!), and some are lucky enough to eradicate the acne permanently. So if you’re still struggling to find a treatment that will help with your acne, this might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

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