How does the Alma laser hair removal system differ from all of the others?

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

The Alma Soprano Ice laser is a diode laser has 8 years of clinically proven effectiveness, is FDA cleared for all skin types- I-IV, and delivers fast, cool treatments to the client.

With the in motion technology it allow the laser to work by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle. This means that the hair follicles don't have to be exposed to a single pulse of high energy, which can damage the skin and cause the patient pain and suffering. At the same time, the Soprano Lite protects the surrounding tissue. The combination of the 810 diode, SHR and cooling gives us the ability to offer a superior laser hair removal experience and achieve greater results.

In non medical terms the treatment is comfortable and effective. The tip is very cold (feels like an ice cube) so you first feel a very cold sensation. Within seconds you feel a little heat, then seconds later you start to feel a tweezing, pulling sensation which is the laser penetrating down into the follicle to damage it. No pain, no major discomfort. After finishing the treatment most people say that the treatment can feel a little uncomfortable (mostly on the areas where the hair is very thick and course) but not painful at all.

I always suggest watching the videos on the website to see how exactly the laser works and what you should expect. Many people are so nervous before their fist treatment because they hear so many horror stories about very panful treatments and during of the skin with other systems. Then they are so pleasantly surprised of how little discomfort they actually felt and how quick the treatments are.

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