How do you prepare for a laser treatment??

Updated: Jul 17

When you get laser we run the laser over the hairs at the surface and the laser picks up the hair and will travel down the hair making it down into the bulb of the hair- this is what damages the follicle. We want the hair to be short so the laser picks up the hair and travel down, but we do not want any growth because the laser will waste its energy on that hair outside and that will not do anything to damage what we need to be damaged. We suggest shaving the day before so the hair is short but the area isn't irritated. If you shave right before coming in the skin is irritated (shaving causes small little cuts on the surface) and then we will be rubbing on top of irritation which will make the treatment more uncomfortable. If for some reason you forget to shave the treatment can still be done- the treatment may just be a little more uncomfortable.

If you are layering the face area (either a man or woman ) and have lots of thick hairs that grow fast we do suggest shaving the day of the treatment so the hair will be as short as possible.

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