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How do we sanitize and disinfect our treatment rooms?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

How do we sanitize and disinfect our treatment rooms? We are always very careful with our sanitizing at PBL since we are dealing with very personal areas. We use hospital grade disinfection products in our spray bottles mixed with tea tree oil (anti bacterial) and a little essential oil to make all of that smell better. We sanitize the entire hand piece of the laser, the googles and glasses, and the entire table after every treatment which is everything that the clients will come in contact with. We do not wipe dry afterwards and just let it air dry which is important for optimal disinfecting. We also use paper towels to clean which are thrown out after every use. We also clean the bathroom, floors, etc often. We are wiping down the lobby area many times a day.

We normally ask you to sign in once you get to the lobby but for now we are putting that on hold so you do not have to touch the paper and pen that others have touched. We also have hand sanitizer on the front desk area. Please use it when arriving.

I am big on satitizing and spraying everything at home and in public so I am very particular at home so am even more at work.

If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask then please do (unless we are lasering your face). We can also wear a mask if you like us to. Just let your technician know when she comes out together you.

Disinfect and Sanitize
Treatment room at PBL

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