How do we charge for touchups?

At the end of the treatment cycle many people will not have hair everywhere but will only have some hair that is left. If you do have hairs on most of the area but not all most of the times we do have to laser the entire area because it is too hard to spot treat most of the area. It is just easier and makes more sense to go over the entire area. And many times it seems as though there are not hairs everywhere but I always tell people to run your hand along the area very softly and if you feel hairs everywhere - if so we need to laser the entire area. Some hair become so damaged that they are very light and fine and hard to see but they are still there.

Once you are truly spotty then we ask you to leave some growth there for the appointment- not long hairs but just enough that we can see where the hairs are located. At that time we can just treat the hairs that are left. We will then just charge you accordingly for how much hair that we treat. It is easy to do this spot treatment on bigger areas like the legs, back and chest areas. If you are doing another area and just have a few hairs in your underarm area then we can just zap those few hairs and not charge you for that area.

The only area that is a little more difficult to spot treat is the Brazilian. Most of the time when you do not have hairs left everywhere there the hairs that are left are in the middle area which we really need to laser completely to get the area.

It is very common for people who have had laser in the past to have straggler hairs that may pop up periodically. Again we ask you to not shave the areas right before so we can see the hairs and then we can spot treat them. Again we will charge accordingly to how much time it takes us to treat the hairs. Many clients have had laser in the past on certain areas and do need a touch up. We can do that for you. Laser air removal is great and its nice to only have a few hairs instead of lots of hairs but it is better to not have any so let us touch you up.

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