How dark can your skin be to laser with the Alma system?

The Alma laser is FDA approved for all skin types. The only issue that we have when lasering dark skin is when the skin in a particular area is very dark - similar to the photo- where it is hard to distinguish between the skin and the hair. The laser is looking for melanin and if the skin is just as dark as the hair then the laser has a hard time picking up the hair.

For most darker skin people we are able to laser some body parts. Even with the bikini area many times most of the area is lighter then the hair but when you get to the labia area the skin may be too dark. Also sometimes we are able to laser the area a few times and thin out the hair, but once the hair starts to thin out and lighten during the process we may get to a point where the hair ends up being lighter then the skin and we cannot go much further with the treatments. Many are happy with just having the hair lighter and finer which will make it more manageable.

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