Having issues with acne/in growns/scabbing or irritation from shaving?

Along with excess hair many experience other issues with those areas. Many women who are suffering from PCOS also have issues with acne. The acne is due o the increased amount of testosterone in the body. I myself am very into natural supplements and vitamins. Although I do not suffer from PCOS I do get hormone replacement therapy since my testosterone level was low (that's what happens when you get old!!). So due to the increased testosterone I get excess hormonal hair and did suffer from hormonal acne. I have been taking an apple cider vinegar supplement for years now which has pretty much helped me to not have any issues anymore with hormonal acne. The apple cider vinegar is like a natural antibiotic- so much safer then taking a low dose antibiotic. I have found that for me and many others it has so many positive benefits that it is definitely worth taking on a daily basis. I suggest taking 2 capsules in the morning then 2 again later on in the day. Taken on an empty stomach the supplement can get absorbed quicker. No side effects and when taken in pill form- it does not upset your stomach or negatively affect your enamel on your teeth or damage your esophagus like was happens when you drink apple cider vinegar. I am not a doctor so do your own research but so many of us have been very happy with the results from taking the supplement. Just like many other natural supplements it will take about a month to start working but so worth it.

If you are having issues with in growns, scabbing, scarring etc from shaving or waxing all of the things will get much better once you start the laser process. You will have weeks without hair so you won't have to shave (and you should never wax once you start the laser process). And even when you do shave the hairs will get progressively lighter and finer through the process which makes shaving much easier.

I also highly suggest exfoliating the area often with a loofah sponge. By doing so you will slowly start to lessen the scabbing and irritation. I suggest using a loofah instead of scrubs. Many times scrubs can get in to the irritated areas and make the situation worse.

Also I recommend using a good man's razor vs. a cheap one or a woman's razor. They may not be pink and pretty but normally they have better blades. You can buy a good one at Target/CVS etc for $12-15. And also please remember to change the blade often. Men are so good at do

ing so. They know how much of a better shave and how less irritating the shave is when the blade is new.

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