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Have a happy trail that you want to get rid of?

Many women have a strip of hair from their belly button down to the top other bikini line. That strip of hair is very common for women. At Perfectly Bare Laser we do not measure each little area and charge you extra for those little areas. The strip is $40 per treatment but if you get most, majority or all of the bikini done which is $80 per treatment that treatment includes the happy trail so most women just add the bikini on and do both areas.

As I mention in the blog about whether to do the bikini or Brazilian we always suggest doing more then less the first one or two treatments. The inner part of the bikini area is thicker, darker and more hormonal it takes longer and that's why we suggest being more aggressive in your approach to the area then being more conservative. If you decide to do less of the area after a few treatments then you can do so- just come in looking the way that you want it to be and we can follow the lines. If you start out conservative then later want more done you will be a few treatments behind on that new area which will end up adding treatments onto your total needed. By doing a few treatments on all or most of it the treatments will only thin out the area a little which is not a bad thing.

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