Facial treatments before and after laser hair removal

We have a lot of people who ask about getting laser hair removal before or after a facial treatment. The answer depends on what type of treatment that you are getting done.

If you are getting a regular facial it is ok to do so up to the day before the treatment. If the facial is a deep cleaning one and they are doing lots of extractions then it is best to wait until the irritation and inflammation dies down which may take a few days at the most. You are free to get a regular facial right after laser.

If the treatment is invasive like a peel, microdermabrasion, micro needling then you should again wait until the skin stops peeling or the irritation from the treatment calms down before getting laser. As far as getting laser before those types of treatments you can do so up to the day before the treatment. However you do want to wait at least 3 days after getting laser to do any type of treatment that is similar to sun exposure such as tanning in a tanning bed. After the laser treatment you will have a lot of energy in the skin for a few days which will make your skin sun sensitive. If you do go out in actual sunlight or go to a tanning bed you can potentially burn your skin. Not good!! Just wait a few days.

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