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What to expect during the laser hair removal process

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

What to expect during the laser hair removal process? For most people the appointment for the face is every 5 weeks and for all of the other area it is every 6 weeks. Periodically we have people that have hair cycles that are on a different schedule (where their hair comes I sooner) but that doesn't happen often.

Once your treatment is done the follicle is damaged and takes around 10 days to shed out. The hair will look like it is growing slowly but it is just shedding. Around the 10 day mark the hair will fall out. There are a handful of clients over the year that do not experience complete shedding those first few visits but they do see that the hair thins out and the growth slower at that point. Usually after a few treatments the hair will completely shed.

After the 10 days you will have around 3-3 1/2 weeks without any hairs for the face, 4-4 1/2 weeks for there body parts. Around the 5 week mark for the face and 6 week mark for the other body parts the hairs will start to grow back. The hairs will come in lighter and finer each time. Depending on what is going on in your body (hormones, medicine, etc) and what cycle the hairs are in the hairs will lighten and thin at different rates but for most people they will see a difference in the hair each time. Many people feel that they experience more change in the first few treatments then in the latter but I feel that most of the time it is because the difference is more dramatic at the beginning and they start to get used to having no hair for weeks so when the hair does return it it not a welcomed return and they are just anxious to get rid of them so any growth is not welcomed!!

You are due to come back he 5th week for the face and the 6th week for all of the other body parts. We will make our follow up appointment at your visit or within a few days. Coming in consistently is crucial for good results so stay on schedule!!

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