Electrolysis or laser?

For most situations and for most people laser hair removal makes more sense. Electrolysis is great for a few things. If you have a tattoo and want hair removed from that area then you need electrolysis. We cannot laser over a tattoo. We will burn you and explode the ink. If you have very light, blonde hair or gray hair then electrolysis is your only option. Laser is picking up melanin and blonde hair has very little pigment and grays have none. I also think electrolysis is great for eyebrows. I had it done in the 90's on my brows and it worked so well. The technician can go in and get the exact hairs that you do not want with the needle.

Electrolysis is a very long and tedious process. The technician goes in each follicle with a needle, presses a pedal which releases a current to damage the follicle then tweezes the hair out. That process alone takes forever but when doing so you are only damaging the follicles that are in the growth stage (which could only be a small percentage- we do not know) and the restaurant will just grow back. Also the current does not feel good, and especially when you are doing the treatment for more then a few minutes it is very uncomfortable. I did electrolysis on my bikini line, lip and eye brows in the 90's and it took a few years to do!! But again if you have a tattooo or light blonde or gray hairs you do not have any other options.

Laser hair removal is much faster and much less panful-especially with the Alma Lasers system- so for most people laser is a much better alternative. Even if the hairs are hormonal hairs the hairs will get lighter and finer each time, you will have weeks without hairs and even when the hairs are coming in the hairs will be light and fine.

As with laser if you are thinking about trying electrolysis do your

research. Read reviews, ask for a referral for someone. If not done properly electrolysis can damage the follicles and the skin.

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