Does anyone ever get burnt with our laser?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Other then staying out of the sun (well at leapt the lasered areas) for a few days after the treatment not much more that you need to do. After the treatment you will have a lot of energy in the treated areas so please do not get any sun exposure for a few days. If you do get sun on the area you can experience a burn. In my 9 years in this business I have only seen this happen once with my own clients. My niece, who flew down for laser from NYC, knew the importance of not getting any sun right before and after the treatments. The day after her treatment (which included her face) she flew to Ohio to visit relatives, took a nap in the shade by the pool, but during her nap the shade area shifted and her face was exposed to the sun for a short while. She ended up with burns on her face. The face blistered. Luckily the burns healed and she didn't scar but that was unusual for a burn like that.

We do not have any issues with burning during the treatment with the Alma laser hair removal system. The system is FDA approved for tanned skin and all skin types. Since the laser is notes aggressive as all of the other systems it is much harder to burn anyone.

If you are using any retinol products we ask you to stop using them for 4-5 days before the treatment. T

he product may make you more sun sensitive and even though I have never had any issues with any burning from the use of a retinol product we would rather you be safe then sorry. Also f you are taking any medications such as an antibiotic check the bottle to make sure it does not cause any sun sensitivities. If so hen please refrain from any treatments for a week or so after you finish your meds.

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