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Is a Doctor doing Laser hair removal?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Is a Doctor doing Laser hair removal? In the state of Florida you must be a certified electrologist with a laser certification to fire a laser. The company also has to have a medical director that is either a M.D, or a D.O.

I have had potential clients ask me if I am a doctor or a Nurse Practioner. No, none of us at PBL are any of those but are certified by the state. A doctor or NP can fire a laser but normally they have no training with lasers. They are not trained in school to do so. They may be trained by the company who provides the laser but do not go through an actual training regiment. In the state of Florida electrologists/laser techs are required to go through 360 hours of training, pass the CCE, CME and the State Board. And then some are trained by a training specialist from the company for whom their laser is purchased. AT PBL we have been trained by the Alma Lasers official trainer.

Doctor doing Laser hair removal

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