Do you have folliculitis?

Folliculitis is the infection and inflammation of your hair follicles. The condition can occur on any body part other then the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The rash may appear as pimples that come to white tips- most of the time we see them on the face, arms, back, legs and buttocks.

There are a few reasons why people get folliculitis but the most common are from the follicles being damaged by friction from clothing, insect bites or shaving. The damaged follicles are then infected.

Many doctor refer their patients to us for laser hair removal to help with the situation. Laser will lighten and thin out the hair-and during the process will have he area hair free from weeks between the treatments. By having lighter, finer hair the area will not be as irritated.. Also the laser helps kill bacteria which are inside of the bumps. The same thing happens with acne. The laser helps to kill the bacteria which helps to at least temporarily clear up the area.

Exfoliating the area- if it isn't too irritated- will help to get off some of the dead skin that accumulates on the area. Most people who suffer from folliculitis will have great results from the laser after just a treatment or two but we recommend keeping up with the laser to get rid of

the hairs so they won't cause any more issues. You can also use an astringent or apple cider vinegar after showering to help kill the bacteria. Also I highly suggest using a man's razor (get a $12 men's razor- not expensive but mot of the men's have more and better blades then women's). Also change your razor often. Women are so bad at that- they continue to use the razor for months until it is very dull and rusty. If you pay attention to a man's razor use they change their blade very often so they get a clean and not irritating shave every day.

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