Do you get rashes and irritation every time that you shave?

People that get irritated every time that they shave highly benefit from getting laser hair removal, even after just one treatment. I had a client that came in today for their 4th treatment. She was expressing how happy that she is about her laser treatment process. She was so pleasantly surprised that after only one treatment she got great results and wasn't irritated after shaving when the hair started growing back right before her second treatment. She thought for sure that it would take at least a few treatments to get relief. I love to hear those stories.

The hair becomes lighter and finer every time that we treat the hair. The follicles become weaker which causes the change in the hair.

We highly suggest using a good man's razor when shaving (men's razors seem to have more blades and are almost always cheaper then the woman's pink ones!!). We also suggest changing the blade often. Most women are very bad about switching out razors. They usually wait until the blade is rusted and old before changing it.

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