Can you laser over a tattoo?

No, you cannot laser over a tattoo. The laser will explode the ink and burn the skin. An some people do not like their tattoo and ask that I do laser over it to get rid of it but we cannot do that. We will burn your skin. You need to go to a doctor who has a specific laser that is made for removing tattoos.

If you have a tattoo we can laser close to it- we can even tape the tattoo and get as close to it as possible but that is all we can do. If you have hair in the tattoo you can go to an electrologist and they can use electrolysis to remove the hairs. They can remove hairs inside of the tattoo without ruining the tattoo. The process is long and fairly painful but worth it if you want to remove the hair.

You can also wax the hair on the location of the tattoo. You need to wait until the hair that was lasered has shed in between the treatments before waxing.

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