Can we laser those nipple hairs???

Yes we can. Many women are so embarrassed to ask us about trying to control nipple hairs thinking that they are the only ones that suffer with those ridiculous hairs. The truth is so many women struggle with them. They are hormonal like the ridiculous chin and neck hairs but we can make them lighter and finer with every treatment. We may not be able to totally rid you of them after a few treatments but like with the chin/jawline facial hairs we can make them lighter and finer and with every treatment- and you will have weeks without them in between treatments. Some women are able to conquer them for months or even loner sometimes- some, just like with the facial hairs, may have to keep up the treatments to keep them at bay. But thats ok- better then having thick, dark hairs around all of the time. I personally struggled with them for a few years but after a handful of treatments I have conquered them- at least for now. It has been 7-8 years since any have returned on my body.

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