Are you a woman on hormone replacement therapy?

Updated: Mar 6

HRT is so important for many women, including myself. I am a totally different person since doing HRT and won't give it up for anything!! But the one downside of HRT is hormonal hair that occurs- and your hormonal areas on a woman are the face and the bikini area.

When we go through the laser process we are damaging the follicles so they will become weak and hopefully will eventually become so weak that they will not be able to produce a viable hair. But what happens withe the follicles in the hormonal areas is that they will become weaker over time but your body still wants to produce a hair there and does but it will be lighter and finer (and wont get worse like it would if you didn't laser the hairs).

I have lasered my face for as many years as I have been doing HRT. I do not get many hairs, and when the hairs do come in they are very light and fine, but I do still get hairs. I look in the mirror every day just to check. I always tell my HRT clients that for many of them they may need to come in every 5 weeks for many years if not forever (as long as their hairs continue to come in) to keep the hairs under control, light and fine. You may not have tons of hairs each time but we will get whatever is there and keep them weak. I tell them it is like having to cover your gray hairs- you color your roots every 3-5 weeks religiously and you won't go through life without doing so!!

If you come in for a series of treatments and don't have any hairs coming I then you don't need to come in and you can just keep an eye on everything, checking every day for any growth. When you start seeing some you can trim or shave them for a little if you want and then come in for a visit as soon as you can. You don't want them to thicken so just come on in. It is worth it to not feel so self conscious. I promise.

P.S. We do Biote HRT treatments these days at PBL!!

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