Are spray tans ok during the process??

Well hopefully you are only spray tanning and not in any tanning beds. The mother in me has to yell at you if you are doing so. Tannig beds are so bad for you. I had an 18 year old client that had a huge scar on the top of her arm- I asked her what it was from. She had skin cancer that needed to be cut out due to using the tanning bed!! 18 years old!! So sad.

Back to spray tanning. You can spray tan but I would highly suggest doing so at least a week before you come in- but preferably I would want you to wait until after the laser treatment. If you come in right after the treatment the spray tan will come off wherever we are lasering. And if you have fresh color from the spray tan we will have to turn down the setting to compensate for the extra melanin which is possible but then your setting won't be ideal for your actual skin.

Best time- take a shower after your treatment to get off any excess gel from the laser treatment then spray tan sometime after.

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