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"Perfectly Bare Tampa Medspa - Experience Painless Hair Removal with Industry-Leading Alma Laser Technology | Unveil Smooth, Beautiful Skin at the Forefront of Hair Removal Innovation."

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  • At Perfectly Bare Laser's Tampa MedSpa, Experience Radiant Skin with Sciton BBL and Halo Treatments.

    At Perfectly Bare Laser's Tampa MedSpa Experience Radiant Skin with Sciton BBL and Halo Treatments. Personalized care meets cutting-edge technology at Perfectly Bare Laser, where you may experience the transforming world of skin rejuvenation and beauty. With the help of our sophisticated Sciton BBL Halo treatments and thorough skin analysis performed with the Sylton Observ520x, our MedSpa in Tampa has emerged as a leading destination for individuals looking for excellent skin treatments. Let's explore this skin-transformation journey and discover why Tampa residents are choosing us more and more for their skincare requirements. Starting Off on Your Adventure with the Sylton Observ520x Prior to any skin rejuvenation therapy at Perfectly Bare Laser, we will start you off with a free and comprehensive skin examination with our Sylton Observ520x camera. With the use of this state-of-the-art equipment, we can examine your skin in great detail and uncover underlying problems that may go undetected. The Observ520x analyzes several skin issues such oiliness, dryness, texture, and pigmentation using a range of skin lighting modes. Our individualized consultation is built upon this thorough investigation. Our aesthetic specialists will go over your individual skin and cosmetic concerns throughout your appointment. Getting a complete understanding of your requirements and objectives will help us create a treatment plan that is specifically customized for you. We will retake these before and after any of your scheduled treatments so you can view your results as we go through the treatment lifecycle. The Advantages of BBL Hero by Sciton The Sciton BroadBand Light (BBL) HERO, a cutting-edge light therapy device, is one of our most innovative treatments. The efficacy of BBL HERO in treating a variety of skin disorders, including as rosacea, acne, age spots, and sun damage, is noteworthy. This is why BBL HERO is revolutionary: Speed and Efficiency : BBL HERO is well known for its rapid treatment times, effectively treating huge regions without sacrificing efficacy. Versatility: All body parts, including places that are typically challenging to treat, including the arms, chest, and neck, can be treated with this treatment. Minimal Downtime: BBL HERO involves little to no downtime, which makes it perfect for people who lead busy lives. This is in contrast to more intrusive procedures. Long-Lasting Results : Patients' skin tone can continue to improve for a long time. The Magic of Sciton Halo The Sciton Halo, a cutting-edge hybrid fractional laser, is another star treatment offered by Perfectly Bare Laser. It mixes two different kinds of lasers in a unique way, enabling targeted, precise treatment for particular skin issues. For people who want to address problems including fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, and scars, the Halo procedure is quite helpful. What sets Halo apart is this: Targeted Treatment: By precisely focusing on particular skin layers, the dual-wavelength function may treat both superficial and deeper skin problems. Tailored: The course of treatment can be altered to meet your unique skin requirements and desired amount of downtime. Enhanced Comfort: The use of cutting-edge technology guarantees a more comfortable course of therapy. Visible Improvement: Patients frequently report notable enhancements to their skin's general appearance, improve texture and tone resulting in a more young and radiant shine. Creating the Best Possible Treatment Plan We at Perfectly Bare Laser are aware that every person has a different type of skin. For this reason, we place a strong emphasis on developing a customized treatment plan based on your unique skin needs and objectives. Whether you're looking to address sun damage, aging symptoms, or just want a refreshed look, we combine our knowledge with cutting-edge technology to deliver results that not only match but beyond your expectations. Why Tampa Opts for the Ideal Bare Laser Our Tampa MedSpa has grown to be the go-to place for people looking for cutting-edge and efficient skin care procedures. What makes us unique is our dedication to utilizing cutting-edge technology, such as the Sylton Observ520x, Sciton Halo, and Sciton BBL HERO. In addition to treatments, we offer a comprehensive experience that emphasizes education, individualized care, and getting noticeable results. Patients pick us because of: Knowledge: Our group of educated experts is knowledgeable about the newest cosmetic procedures and advancements in technology. Personalized Care: We use a patient-centered approach, making sure that every treatment plan is customized to meet the needs of the individual. Modern Technology: We are dedicated to giving our patients the best care possible, which is why we have made this investment in the newest machinery. Friendly Ambience: You receive kind and courteous treatment as soon as you enter our MedSpa. In summary Start the process of changing your skin with Perfectly Bare Laser in Tampa. We are here to help you reach your optimal skin health and beauty objectives, whether it's with the precision of Sciton Halo, the numerous treatment options of Sciton BBL HERO, or the thorough analysis of the Sylton Observ520x. Discover why people choose us for cutting-edge skin care solutions. Come see us, and let us assist you in determining the best course of action for your particular skin type and join the many others who have discovered that Perfectly Bare Laser may help them achieve glowing skin. To schedule an appointment call or text us at 813-444-3204.

  • Do Men Get Laser Hair Removal?

    Are you curious about laser hair removal for men? Yes, it's popular, and yes, men are increasingly choosing to go bare with the help of laser treatments! Join us at Perfectly Bare Laser, Tampa’s premier Laser Hair Removal MedSpa, as we delve into this grooming trend that's gaining momentum among men. At Perfectly Bare Laser, we've seen a significant increase in the number of men seeking laser hair removal. Why? Because modern men value grooming and the convenience of being hair-free. In this video, we're breaking down everything you need to know about laser hair removal for men, including the most popular areas for treatment and what to expect during your sessions. What areas are most commonly treated? The back is one of the top choices among our male clients—it's a large area that's difficult to manage on your own, making it perfect for laser treatment. But that's not all. We also discuss the "Manzilian" — yes, laser hair removal for private areas is not only possible but also quite popular among men who prefer a clean and groomed look down there. Another favorite is facial hair removal, including the beard and neckline areas. Many men opt for laser treatments to maintain a permanently clean and sharp neckline, making daily shaving a thing of the past. Here at Perfectly Bare Laser, we use the best-in-class Alma Soprano Laser devices, including the cutting-edge ALMA Soprano Titanium. These devices are designed for comfort and effectiveness, ensuring the best possible results for hair removal. We pride ourselves on continually investing in the latest technology and ensuring that all our devices are maintained to optimal levels. Curious about starting your journey towards a smoother, hair-free life? Whether it's for aesthetic reasons or personal preference, laser hair removal could be the solution you're looking for. Contact us today at Perfectly Bare Laser in Tampa by calling 813-444-3204 or visit our website at to learn more or to schedule your appointment. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, clean skin with the help of Tampa’s top-rated laser hair removal experts at Perfectly Bare Laser! Subscribe to our channel for more insights and tips on laser hair removal and to see why so many men are choosing Perfectly Bare Laser for their grooming needs. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share this video with anyone who might be considering laser hair removal! #tampamedspa #laserhairremoval #mengrooming #ditchtherazor

  • How does Laser Hair Removal treatment feel?

    **Dive Into the Sensation of Laser Hair Removal at Perfectly Bare Laser** Many first-timers to laser hair removal have the same burning question: “What will it feel like?” At Perfectly Bare Laser, Tampa MedSpa, our aim is not just to offer effective treatments, but also to provide a comfortable experience. And with our top-notch Alma Soprano laser, that's exactly what you get. The initial touch of the Alma Soprano laser can best be described as refreshingly cold, akin to the feeling of an ice cube gently gliding over your skin. This cooling sensation serves to prep and protect your skin, ensuring maximum comfort. After a few moments, as the laser starts its work, you'll notice a gentle warmth, followed by a subtle tweezing or pulling sensation where the hairs are present. This indicates the laser is penetrating the hair shaft, targeting the follicle and bulb to effectively impede future growth. Is it painful? In a word, no. While pain is subjective and varies from person to person, most clients describe the experience as mildly uncomfortable at most. Some even liken it to a relaxing hot stone massage. Moreover, our in-motion technology means the treatment is swift, saving you time while ensuring efficacy. So, if you’ve been on the fence about trying laser hair removal due to worries about discomfort, let this be your nudge to take the plunge. Dive into a world of smooth skin with Perfectly Bare Laser, and relish the sensation of being hair-free! *Step in, experience comfort, step out with confidence.*

  • Looking for an effective hair restoration treatment?

    Welcome to the latest entry on our blog at Perfectly Bare Laser, Tampa's premier MedSpa. Are you looking for an effective hair restoration treatment in Tampa? Today, we are thrilled to share the journey of one of our clients through our Hair Restoration solution. Our program has been meticulously designed to not only combat hair loss but also to rejuvenate your hair, giving you back your confidence and the lush, full hair you've been longing for. At the heart of our success story is the integration of the ALMA TED pain-free hair restoration system, utilizing cutting-edge acoustic soundwaves, combined with our comprehensive suite of Nutrafol products. Our client, who embarked on this journey with us, has seen remarkable results after just three treatments. This success story is not just about hair regrowth; it's about regaining self-esteem and joy in one's appearance. The journey to hair restoration at Perfectly Bare Laser is a carefully curated experience over four treatments, costing $3,400 for the entire package. Included in this package is $340 worth of Nutrafol products, ensuring that your path to recovery is supported every step of the way. The Journey Begins Every successful treatment begins with a detailed consultation at our Tampa MedSpa. This initial meeting is crucial for understanding your specific needs and crafting a personalized treatment plan. Two weeks prior to the commencement of the ALMA TED treatments, we start conditioning the scalp with a pre-treatment serum and Nutrafol vitamins. This preparatory phase ensures your follicles are in optimum health, ready to respond to our treatments. The ALMA TED Experience At the core of our Hair Restoration solution is the ALMA TED system. This revolutionary technology uses pain-free acoustic soundwaves to drive down the Alma TED serum to the root of the follicles to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. Our clients appreciate the comfort and ease of these sessions, noting significant improvements without the discomfort traditionally associated with hair restoration treatments such as PRP injections or . Additionally, the Alma TED wand is utilized in a gentle circular motion, eliminating any tugging or subsequent shedding through the treatment process. Nutrafol: The Natural Complement In conjunction with ALMA TED, we integrate Nutrafol, a leading name in natural hair health. Starting with the serum and vitamins pre-treatment, we ensure your body is primed for hair growth from within. Following each session, our post-care shampoo and conditioners help maintain the health of your scalp and newly rejuvenated hair. The Package and Its Perks Our comprehensive treatment package includes four sessions spread one month apart. This structured approach allows for sustained improvements in hair growth and overall scalp health. Additionally, clients receive $340 in free Nutrafol products as part of their treatment package, ensuring continuous care between sessions and beyond. For long-term results and to sustain hair growth improvements, we recommend coming back every six months for a follow-up treatment. A Success Story After three treatments, our featured client noticed a remarkable difference in their hair's thickness, strength, and overall health. They shared how this transformation has not only restored their hair but also their confidence. This story is a testament to the effectiveness of combining ALMA TED with Nutrafol, a synergy that produces visible results and a positive impact on our clients' lives. Looking Ahead Our commitment at Perfectly Bare Laser doesn't end with the last treatment session. We believe in the long-term care and maintenance of your hair's health. This is why we encourage our clients to engage in our recommended follow-up treatments and continue with Nutrafol's suite of products. The journey to hair restoration is a testament to the innovative solutions and personalized care we provide at Perfectly Bare Laser. We invite you to visit our website for more details on our hair restoration protocol at Perfectly Bare Laser and start your journey towards a fuller, healthier head of hair. You can also call or text us at 813-444-3204 to schedule an appointment. Remember, with our Hair Restoration solution, it's #GoneTodayHairTomorrow. Embrace the journey to rediscovering the joy of having lush, full hair with us. Disclaimer: At Perfectly Bare Laser, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality Alma TED hair restoration treatments. Please note that results may vary and are not guaranteed. The effectiveness of the treatment can be influenced by multiple factors, including personal health, individual genetics, and adherence to the recommended treatment protocol and follow-up care. We recommend consulting with our specialists to understand how our treatments can be tailored to your unique needs.

  • Lets get Skintastic at Perfectly Bare! Unlocking Radiant Beauty with Perfectly Bare's Unique Treatment Pathways In the pursuit of timeless beauty and flawless skin, the world of skincare and beauty treatments continues to evolve with innovative technologies and breakthroughs. In this journey, Perfectly Bare stands out as a beacon of excellence, offering a unique proposition to address a myriad of skin and beauty concerns. By partnering with top skincare manufacturers and utilizing cutting-edge devices like the Alma Laser Opus Plasma, Inmode Morpheus8, Sciton BBL, and Sciton Halo, Perfectly Bare provides a transformative experience that surpasses traditional approaches. Let us delve into the world of Perfectly Bare, where science meets luxury, and where your most radiant self awaits. A World of Possibilities At Perfectly Bare, we understand that each individual has unique skin concerns. Our comprehensive treatment pathways are carefully crafted to cater to a wide range of issues, from fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars to sun damage and uneven skin tone. No matter your concern, we have a tailored solution for you. Our skilled team of professionals, equipped with years of experience, will guide you through the process, ensuring that your specific needs are addressed with utmost care. Cutting-Edge Technologies What sets Perfectly Bare apart is our commitment to embracing the latest advancements in skincare technologies. Our partnership with top skincare manufacturers allows us access to state-of-the-art devices that are at the forefront of the industry. **Alma Laser Opus Plasma:** The Alma Laser Opus Plasma is a revolutionary device that utilizes plasma technology to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. It effectively targets fine lines, tightens sagging skin, and improves overall texture, leaving you with a youthful and radiant glow. **Inmode Morpheus8:** Addressing deeper skin concerns, the Inmode Morpheus8 combines microneedling and radiofrequency technology to promote skin remodeling. This powerful treatment targets wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks, giving your skin a smoother and more refined appearance. **Sciton BBL:** The Sciton BBL (BroadBand Light) system is a versatile tool that targets pigmentation irregularities, sunspots, and vascular issues. By using broadband light energy, it rejuvenates the skin, restoring a youthful and even complexion. **Sciton Halo:** The Sciton Halo device provides the perfect balance between ablative and non-ablative laser treatments. It effectively treats sun damage, fine lines, and pores, while promoting the growth of new, healthy skin. The Power of Stacking Treatments What truly makes Perfectly Bare's approach exceptional is our ability to stack treatments across these cutting-edge platforms. By strategically combining different modalities, we enhance the efficacy of each treatment, achieving remarkable results that surpass individual procedures. This tailored approach not only saves time but also maximizes the benefits, leaving you with noticeably improved skin. Safety and Professional Expertise At Perfectly Bare, your safety and comfort are our utmost priorities. Our team of licensed professionals undergo rigorous training to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care. We conduct thorough consultations before every treatment to understand your concerns, medical history, and goals. This enables us to design a personalized treatment plan that suits your skin type and condition. A Relaxing and Luxurious Experience Beyond the outstanding results and cutting-edge technologies, we take pride in providing a luxurious and relaxing experience. Our clinic is designed to evoke a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation, allowing you to unwind while we work our magic on your skin. Our friendly staff is always on hand to cater to your needs and answer any questions you may have. Conclusion At Perfectly Bare, we invite you to embark on a journey to unveil your most radiant self. Our unique treatment pathways, powered by the collaboration with top skincare manufacturers and advanced devices, offer an unparalleled experience that addresses a wide range of skin and beauty concerns. With our ability to stack treatments strategically, you can achieve astonishing results that will leave you feeling confident and rejuvenated. Join us at Perfectly Bare and discover the perfect synergy between science and luxury for the ultimate skincare transformation.

  • How to Improve Your Sex Life and Enjoyment: A Guide to Women's Feminine Health

    Women's sexual wellness and vaginal health are integral aspects of their overall well-being, yet they often go overlooked or are shrouded in silence due to societal taboos. However, addressing issues like dryness, itchiness, vaginal laxity or tightness, and concerns about vaginal appearance can significantly enhance confidence and sexual satisfaction. Perfectly Bare Laser, a Tampa MedSpa, is pioneering solutions for these concerns with cutting-edge treatments designed to empower women to feel their best. This article explores common feminine health issues and how Perfectly Bare Laser's Inmode EmpowerRF, featuring VTone, Morpheus8V, and FormaV, offers revolutionary solutions to improve your sex life and enjoyment. Understanding Women's Feminine Health Concerns Several factors, including hormonal changes, childbirth, aging, and medical conditions, can affect women's sexual wellness and vaginal health. Common concerns include: - Vaginal Dryness: Affects lubrication, leading to discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse. - Itchiness and Irritation: Can be symptoms of infections or hormonal imbalances. - Vaginal Laxity: A loosening of vaginal tissues often experienced after childbirth or due to aging, impacting sexual satisfaction for both partners. - Vaginal Tightness: Excessive tightness can cause discomfort and pain during intercourse. - Appearance Concerns: Many women experience confidence issues related to the appearance of their vaginal area, affecting their sexual confidence. Addressing these issues is not just about enhancing sexual pleasure; it's about improving quality of life and self-esteem. Solutions at Perfectly Bare Laser with Inmode EmpowerRF Perfectly Bare Laser in Tampa offers a suite of advanced treatments under the Inmode EmpowerRF platform designed to tackle the root causes of feminine health concerns, offering a holistic approach to sexual wellness. Here's how they can help: VTone: VTone is a non-invasive procedure aimed at muscle rehabilitation to address issues of vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence. It utilizes neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, thereby improving muscular control and vaginal tightness. This treatment not only enhances sexual satisfaction but also addresses urinary incontinence, providing a confidence boost to many women. Perfectly Bare Laser's special offer of 6 sessions for $600, saving $400, makes this innovative treatment more accessible. Morpheus8V: Morpheus8V is a groundbreaking treatment that uses fractional technology to remodel and rejuvenate the vaginal and labial tissues. It works by delivering targeted radiofrequency energy deep into the tissue layers, stimulating collagen production and tightening the area. This process can help in reducing vaginal laxity, improving moisture levels, and enhancing the overall appearance of the vaginal area. The current promotion of $1,800 with a saving of $600 provides an excellent opportunity to experience its benefits. FormaV FormaV offers a gentle and effective solution for addressing vaginal dryness, internal laxity, and other discomforts through non-invasive tissue remodeling. Using radiofrequency energy, FormaV stimulates collagen synthesis and improves blood flow, leading to enhanced lubrication, reduced discomfort during intercourse, and an overall tighter feeling. With a promotional price of $1,200, saving $600, FormaV represents a significant step forward in non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. The Benefits of Addressing Feminine Health Issues Investing in treatments like VTone, Morpheus8V, and FormaV can lead to a myriad of benefits beyond the bedroom. Improved sexual wellness contributes to higher self-esteem, better relationships, and an enhanced sense of well-being. Furthermore, addressing vaginal health issues can prevent future medical conditions and improve urinary control. Perfectly Bare Laser is committed to providing a confidential, understanding environment where women can express their concerns and seek solutions. Their expert team, equipped with the latest technology, ensures personalized treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of each woman. Conclusion Women's sexual wellness and vaginal health are critical components of their overall health and happiness. By addressing issues like dryness, laxity, and appearance concerns, women can unlock a new level of confidence and sexual satisfaction. Perfectly Bare Laser's March Vaginal Health specials on VTone, Morpheus8V, and FormaV provide an accessible pathway to these life-enhancing treatments. Embrace the opportunity to transform your sex life and enjoyment with advanced, compassionate care at Perfectly Bare Laser. Call us to schedule a consult and let's determine the appropriate treatment pathway to enhance your life. Call us at 813-444-3204. Disclaimer for Perfectly Bare Laser The information provided in this blog, including details about medical treatments and health conditions, serves as general guidance and is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The effectiveness of the treatments mentioned, such as those offered by Perfectly Bare Laser, including VTone, Morpheus8V, and FormaV, may vary from person to person, and there is no explicit guarantee that all health conditions or concerns will be resolved for every individual. Clients are strongly advised to undergo a pap smear and secure a full medical evaluation by a qualified healthcare provider prior to undergoing any treatments mentioned in this blog. It is crucial to follow the advice and recommendations of your primary physician or gynecologist to ensure that any treatment plan you consider is safe and appropriate for your specific health condition. Perfectly Bare Laser emphasizes the importance of considering all potential risks and benefits of any treatment and encourages clients to discuss these with their healthcare provider to make informed decisions about their health and wellness. By reading this blog and considering the treatments offered by Perfectly Bare Laser, you acknowledge and agree that the responsibility for any decisions made about your health care, including the evaluation of any information contained in this blog, rests solely with you and your healthcare provider. Perfectly Bare Laser, its staff, and affiliates shall not be liable for any damages or injuries arising from the use of the information provided.

  • Unlocking the Future of Hair Restoration in Tampa with ALMA TED at Perfectly Bare Laser

    Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow! In the quest for solutions to hair loss, the world of aesthetic treatment has seen many innovations, yet few have garnered as much attention and acclaim as the ALMA TED hair restoration treatment. At Perfectly Bare Laser, we're proud to be the first MedSpa in Tampa to offer this cutting-edge solution to our clients, combining advanced technology with holistic care to not only restore hair but also to rejuvenate confidence. In this blog, we'll delve into what makes ALMA TED a standout choice for those experiencing hair thinning or loss, who should consider it, and what our unique treatment regimen entails. What is ALMA TED Hair Restoration? ALMA TED hair restoration is a revolutionary, non-invasive, pain free treatment designed to tackle hair loss at its root. Leveraging ultrasound energy combined with air pressure to enhance the scalp's receptivity to a nutrient-rich serum, this method stimulates natural hair growth without the need for surgery. So no more painful needle injections in your scalp.The key benefits of ALMA TED are manifold: Enhanced Scalp Health: By improving nutrient delivery to the hair follicles, ALMA TED promotes a healthier scalp environment conducive to hair growth. Increased Hair Thickness and Volume: Patients typically observe a noticeable improvement in hair density and volume, resulting in fuller-looking hair. Non-Invasive with Minimal Downtime: Unlike surgical options, ALMA TED requires no downtime, allowing patients to return to their daily activities immediately. Safe for All Skin Types: This treatment is universally applicable, offering a solution to a wide audience suffering from hair loss. Who Should Consider ALMA TED? ALMA TED is ideal for individuals experiencing early to moderate stages of hair loss who prefer a non-surgical approach. It's suitable for both men and women seeking to improve hair density, thickness, and overall scalp health. Whether your hair loss is due to genetic factors, hormonal changes, or environmental stressors, ALMA TED can offer a promising solution. Our Comprehensive Treatment Approach At Perfectly Bare Laser, we don't just administer treatments; we create customized hair restoration journeys. Our ALMA TED protocol is designed to maximize results and ensure the health of your newly revitalized hair. Initial Preparation During your initial consultation our aesthetic clinician will determine if you would be an ideal candidate for TED. Understanding that successful treatment begins with a healthy scalp, we recommend starting with a two-week regimen using a specially formulated hair serum and shampoo and conditioner by Nutrafol that will be provided as our hair restoration package This preparatory phase ensures that your scalp and follicles are in the best possible condition to receive the ALMA TED treatment, optimizing the effectiveness of the sessions. The Treatment Series Our treatment regimen consists of four ALMA TED sessions, spaced one month apart. This schedule allows for the cumulative benefits of the treatments to manifest, with each session building on the last to encourage sustained hair growth and scalp improvement. Nutritional Support Recognizing the role of nutrition in hair health, we partner with Nutrafol, a leader in hair wellness supplements. Each treatment package includes 3 months of Nutrafol supplements, designed to support hair growth from the inside out. These supplements are a critical component of our treatment plan, working in tandem with the ALMA TED sessions to promote optimal hair health. Maintenance and Continued Care To maintain the gains achieved through the initial treatment series, we recommend a single maintenance session every six months, along with the continued use of Nutrafol supplements. This approach helps to ensure that your new hair growth remains healthy, strong, and vibrant. Why Choose Perfectly Bare Laser for Your Hair Restoration Journey? At Perfectly Bare Laser, we believe in a holistic approach to hair restoration. Our ALMA TED treatment goes beyond the surface, addressing the underlying factors contributing to hair loss. By combining state-of-the-art technology with comprehensive scalp and hair care, we provide a path to not just hair restoration but to renewed self-confidence. If you're experiencing hair thinning or loss and are looking for a non-invasive, pain free, effective solution, ALMA TED at Perfectly Bare Laser could be the answer. With our tailored treatment plans, nutritional support, and expert care, we're committed to helping you achieve the best possible results. Let us help you embark on a journey to not only restore your hair but to reclaim the essence of your natural beauty. So don't let hair loss continue unabated, schedule a consult with one of our aesthetic expert to see if ALMA TED hair restoration may be a good fit for you. Call us at 813-444-3204.

  • Our ZO 3-Step Peel

    We love our ZO products- Dr. Obagi's new line of medical esthetic products. The ZO 3-Step Peel utilizes a blend of exfoliants, retinol and multi-action agents to help improve skin health and treat many signs of aging. The treatment provides antioxidant protection as well. as visible anti-irritant benefits. Some peel a lot while others may not peel as dramatically but everyone loves their results afterwards. The service takes less than 30 minutes so can be done at lunchtime or after work. Of course with most peels you need to limit your sun exposure for a few weeks after the treatment. For optimal results you should have one done every 3-4 weeks and a series of 3 initially then a mother down the road when ready for a follow up peel. $250 per session.

  • Enhancing the Client Experience: Perfectly Bare Laser's Nextech EHR Journey

    In the dynamic world of healthcare, staying at the forefront of technological advancements is imperative to provide superior client care. Perfectly Bare Laser is delighted to announce our transition to the Nextech PM platform, a move that promises to revolutionize our services and significantly benefit our clients. In this blog, we will delve into the numerous advantages of Nextech EHR (Electronic Health Record) that will enhance your experience as a client of Perfectly Bare Laser. Streamlined Scheduling for Your Convenience First and foremost, Nextech PM (PM) brings forth a remarkable transformation in scheduling and appointment management. We understand that your time is precious, and we want to ensure that your visits to our MedSpa are efficient and convenient. With PM we can now streamline our appointment scheduling process, optimizing the use of staff resources and minimizing wait times. The intuitive scheduling module of PM allows us to: - Easily view and manage appointments - Quickly schedule and reschedule appointments to accommodate your changing needs - Minimize appointment conflicts, ensuring that you receive the attention you deserve - Enhance the overall efficiency of our clinic operations By simplifying appointment scheduling, we can focus on providing you with the exceptional care you expect from Perfectly Bare Laser. Secure HIPAA-Compliant EHR: Safeguarding Your Confidentiality Your privacy and the security of your medical information are of paramount importance to us. Nextech PM boasts a robust and HIPAA-compliant EHR system, ensuring that your sensitive data remains protected at all times. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance is a legal requirement for healthcare providers, and Nextech delivers on this crucial aspect. With Nextech's secure EHR system, you can trust that: - Your personal health information is stored in a highly secure environment - Access to your medical records is restricted to authorized personnel only - Stringent data protection measures are in place to safeguard against unauthorized access or breached. Unfortunately many MedSpas are popping up but are not placing as much rigor in complying that your health related data stays safe and compliant. Rest assured that your confidentiality and privacy are our top priorities, and Nextech helps us uphold these standards with confidence. Seamless Patient Communication: Staying Connected with You Effective communication between our clinic and our clients is vital for delivering personalized care. Nextech PM equips us with a suite of powerful communication tools that enhance our ability to stay connected with you. From appointment reminders and follow-up messages to secure messaging, we can now interact with you more efficiently and effectively. Here's how Nextech improves communication: - Appointment Reminders: Receive timely reminders about your upcoming appointments, reducing the chance of missed visits. - Follow-Up Messages: After your treatments, we can easily send follow-up messages to check on your progress and address any concerns you may have. Online Client Portal: Empowering You with Access to Information In today's digital age, our clients expect convenient access to their medical records and treatment plans. Nextech PM offers an Online Client Portal that empowers you to access essential health information from the comfort of your own home. This feature not only enhances client engagement but also allows you to take an active role in managing your health, wellness and beauty. The Online Client Portal enables you to: - Access your medical records, treatment plans, and appointment history - Review and monitor your progress over time - Securely communicate with our healthcare providers, asking questions and seeking guidance - Gain a deeper understanding of your treatment journey, making informed decisions about your care The ability to access your medical information at your convenience promotes transparency and empowers you to actively participate in your healthcare decisions. As Perfectly Bare Laser embraces the Nextech PM platform, we want to express our gratitude for your trust and continued support. Your well-being remains our utmost priority, and this transition to PM is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the highest quality of care. In conclusion, Perfectly Bare Laser's adoption of Nextech PM marks a significant milestone in our dedication to delivering top-tier healthcare services. With streamlined scheduling, secure HIPAA-compliant EHR, seamless patient communication, and an accessible Online Client Portal, we are better equipped than ever to provide the exceptional care you deserve. We look forward to serving you even more effectively and providing an unmatched client experience. Your journey to enhanced healthcare begins with Nextech PM at Perfectly Bare Laser.

  • Our Alma Lasers Opus Plasma treatment

    Our Alma Lasers Opus Plasma treatment. Skin resurfacing. most commonly using a laser, is the most dramatic nonsurgical procedure to repair and renew the skin to address a wide range of skin concerns. Fractional baed skin resurfacing is the modern skin resurfacing method that involves creating a pattern of microscopic injuries to a fraction of the skin. This process stimulates natural healing response exciting the skin to repair itself. Our Opus Plasma builds upon the the popular accepted science of fractional skin resurfacing and advanced this field forward with an option that improves the patient experiences using a novel, new energy course- Plasma. With the Opus Plasma you can enjoy fractional skin resurfacing results with much less downtime. What should you expect? The treatment is a quick 15 minute outpatient treatment using a topical anesthetic. While you will begin to enjoy noticeable improvements following your first treatment. 2-3 treatments may be recommended for optimal results. Depending on your treatment plan, the degree of discomfort will vary. What does the recovery look like? This too will depend on your treatment plan recommended by us. A clinical study has shown that Opus Plasma required 50% less downtime when compared to a fractional skin resurfacing technology using a laser. When using moderate settings the downtime is minimal. you may experience 24 to 48 hour of mild to moderate redness and swelling- not significant to interfere with your daily activities.

  • Our treatment- Alma Lasers' Opus Plasma. What is it? How does it work?

    Alma Laser's Opus Plasma is the first fractional technology to enter the market- not to be confused with strictly plasma devices. The combination of RF with 'micro plasma" energy allows us to treat skin texture and quality concerns in less time and with less patient downtime compared with other skin resurfacing solutions. Operating at a high frequency of over 40MHz, the metal pins on the Opus Plasma tips are super-charged with high voltage. When in close proximity of the skin, the charged pins react to atmospheric pressure in the air, creating plasma that in turn, creates the microthermal zones of fractional injuries. Our Opus treatment delivers radio frequency energy at multiple levels to customize a treatment for your specific skincare concerns, using a range of settings to safely and effectively resurface the skin. Wen are able to treat the face, neck, décolleté, stomach, etc.

  • Does the Opus Plasma treatment hurt? What is the downtime? How many treatments are needed? Cost?

    Does the Opus Plasma treatment hurt? At Perfectly Bare Laser, Tampa MedSpa, we will apply a prescription numbing cream for about 45-60 minutes before the treatment to make you as comfortable as possible, but you may still feel mild heat and pressure during the treatment. You may experience some redness after the treatment but you can go back to your usual routine immediately after the treatment. I had my first treatment done last month. The treatment wasn't the most aggressive that can be done- if you treatment is more aggressive you will have a little more redness right after- but my face was just minimally red after the treatment. I actually had dinner with friends and they could barely tell that I had anything done. Most people tolerate the treatment well. You look like that you have a slight sunburn. People are getting incredible results as soon as the first treatment, however for maximum results we are recommending 3-4 treatments. Natural aging will still occur so to maintain results you can have a maintenance treatments as often as every 6 months. What is the cost of Alma Opus Plasma treatment near me: at Perfectly Bare Laser the cost is $700 per treatment for the face and neck- a package of 3 for $1800. $800 for face/neck/chest- package of 3 for $2100. Chest only $500, 3 for $1200.

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