Why we do not have full body pricing

At Perfectly Bare we charge per area per treatment. We do not have full body pricing. Body types and hairiness varies tremendously. You could be a 100 lb. not so hairy person with just hair in the typical areas like bikini, underarms and legs or you could be a 300 lb. person with hair on many other body parts like your face, booty, back, etc. Our prices are based on how much time that it takes to laser an area. For instance full legs take much more time to do then underarms. Also some areas are hormonal and if you do have some hormonal issue, do hormonal replacement therapy etc you may need to continue treatments on a regular basis on those areas.

Also every person and every body part can vary on how many treatments you will initially need. And for some body parts we can easily spot treatment the area once you are further down the process- for instance the legs for most will get spotty the last few treatments so we ask you to then leave us a little growth and we can spot treat the area where it needs to be done and not have to go over the entire area. By doing so we will just charge you accordingly for the treatment. And when you come in for periodic touch ups for any regrowth you will also leave a little growth there and we can just spot treat the hairs.

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