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What is the best way to reach us?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

What is the best way to reach us? I am Joyce- the owner of Perfectly Bare Laser for the last 10 years now. We try our hardest to be available to answer my texts, phone calls, emails at all times but with running the business, talking to potential and present clients actually lasering clients and just regular life situations I am not always able to answer calls. As I mention in my voicemail the easiest and quickest way to reach us is through texting. 813-444-3204.

If you are ready to make an appointment you can text us your full name, email address, what areas that you are wanting to do and your availability and we will get back to you as soon as possible with some options. Once we come up with an appointment time we will put you in our appointment calendar and you will get an email and text to confirm the appointment that you have made. You will also get a text and email 3 days before the appointment to again confirm it. The text is a little long so usually it come over in a few texts but it has lots of important info. The text also asks you to confirm the appointment by texting a "C'. Please remember to do so- that will assure us that you are going to make the appointment. Also the email will have a link to the doctor paperwork and the covid form so you can fit then out before coming in.

And if you cannot make the appointment please let us know right away. We are super busy the days and can fill the appointment if you are no longer needing it. We do have a 50% late cancellation fee if you cancel less then 24 hours before the appointment ( which helps us to recoup at least some of the money we loose for the vacant appointment - I have to pay the girls whether you show or not) and it you are a no show so please let us know in advance I you cannot make it.

We still highly recommend that you read over the blog area on the website- it is very informative. Scroll through and read what pertains to you. I love to have well educated clients.

If you have some questions please read over the blog area on my website- again it is very informative and answers almost every question that anyone has ever asked me. Once you read it over if you still have questions or want to talk text me and let me know and I can call you as soon as possible. Also pricing is on the website so you can review that area also. If there is an area that s not listed you can ask me- we may be able to quote the price over the phone or we may have to se it to give you the quote.

We do have the option of emailing us through the website but it is best to text me. I will get the texts faster then seeing the email.

Thanks. Joyce.

What is the best way to reach us? I am Joyce- the owner of Perfectly Bare Laser for the last 10 years now.
best way to reach us

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