What is a good area to start on?

I always tell people to start on whatever area that bothers you the most. We all hate to shave but some area are more annoying then others. But if you do not have a preference the underarms are a great area to start the process. That area is a very easy area to laser (only taking around a minute each to laser) and for most the area responds very quickly. Every time that we treat the area the hairs will get lighter and finer and you will have about 4 weeks without hair in between the treatments.

Nothing like having the underarm area so perfectly bare- no title black dots and less smell since bacteria does grow on the hair and there is no hair. Especially living in Florida we almost year round wear sleeveless shirts and dresses and wear bathing suits often, there is no need to worry whether you shave your underarms that day.

And we also laser a fair amount of men's underarms. Many men that work outdoors and sweat a lot love not having the hair there. And there are many other men that just don't like the hair. Whether it is underarm, back or chest hair many men say that they feel so much cooler and cleaner without the hair.

Underarms are $60 per treatment and 6-8 treatments is the average needed.

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