What hair removal methods can you use in between treatments?

Once that you start the laser hair removal process you MUST follow the rules on what methods that you can use to treat the hair.

You NEVER want to tweeze or pull any hair once you start laser. Once the hair is treated with the laser it takes around 10 days to push itself out. The hair is now dead and needs to shed on its own. If you pull that hair during that 10 day or so period you will not let the body push it out naturally and the damage that you had occurred is no longer helpful. If at the end of the 10 day period after the treatment and you still have a few hairs still there you can then-and only then- tug on it. If the hair was treated and damaged then will just pop right out when pulled on. If for some reason it is stuck the it wasn't treated or just wasn't there when you got your treatment.

Since you are not supposed to pul that hair out then you obviously can't wax them- waxing is pulling the hair out.

I personally do not like Nair or any other similar creams duet to the amount of chemicals in them but I can explain how you can use them if needed. They dissolve the hair and break the hair bonds which will cause the hair to fall out with ease. The chemical does go into the follicle quite a bit and that is why after use you will not see any hair coming out of the follicle for about 3 days or so. Because of that you never want to use the product within 3-4 days of your laser hair treatment. If the laser cannot pick up the hair it will to be able to damage it.

If your hair is very thick or you get very irritated by shaving you can use that type of product 3-4 days before the treatment so when you come in for the treatment the hair will be short- just able to see it in the follicle but not be long. And if you do not want to shave after the treatment while the hair is pushing out you can also use the product 4-5 days after so you will not be able to see the hairs for a few days.

You can always shave or trim hairs. Shaving does not make the hairs worse. Many think that it does since the hair feels prickly after shaving but that is because it is a blunt cut- but it doesn't cause the hair to be darker or thicker ever. You can also take small sizers and trim the hairs.

But again no waxing or tweezing ever after starting the laser process!!

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