What can you expect after you first visit?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

For most clients (about 90% or so) you will see that the hair is damaged after the treatment and that the hair will look like it is growing extremely slowly but in actuality is shedding out. That process takes right 10 days to occur.

For a small percentage of clients the hair will not totally shed out after the 10 day period. It is not common for this to happen but it does happen periodically. The hairs are damaged and will look like they are growing extremely slowly and you will see that they have thinned out a little. When this happened the client may have one or a few treatments that are like this but do eventually start shedding after the treatment.

And there is also a very small percentage of clients that the air does not shed and you do not see much of an improvement after the first one or a few appointments. Laser hair removal is a science but it is sometimes a very difficult thing. As techicians we can only see the hair from the skin level- not what is going on inside. Sometimes the hair looks darker from the outside but in actuality is lighter and finer inside of the follicle. Or in some cases when the clients skin is darker we really need to be careful of what we do because if the laser strength is turned up too high we can burn the skin (even with our amazing Alma laser hair removal system that when done properly rarely burns anyone). We let the client know that we need to be conservative the first treatment- especially on the face- because we never want t burn anyone. If the outcome isn't exactly how you or I want it we can always tweak it the next visit to try to get better results. We always want you to be happy but also want you to stay safe and not get burnt!! We can teach you to help us out by letting us know what you should be feeling so we know that we are getting the eb=nergy down to the follicle. It takes village!!

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