Plasma Pen results timeline/what to expect

Plasma Pen skin tightening will be seen almost immediately along with cumulative improvements over the next three months. In some cases it may require more then one session depending on how bad the area is. Also we will continue to age so doing maintenance treatments can always help to continue to stimulate collagen.

The Plasma Pen treatments are mildly to moderate uncomfortable but we will numb your face for about 20 minutes before to help make the treatment more comfortable.

The downtime timeline is as follows. The night after the treatment you will be uncomfortable similar to having a sunburn. I take Advil before going to sleep to help with the discomfort. You do not want to apply anything on the area that day.

By the following day scars will start to form. The area feels slightly irritated. At this time you can begin using a silver gel (we have some at the office) which is a wound healing gel that will help the area to not feel as uncomfortable, will keep the area dry and also aid in healing. You can apply with clean hands a few times a day. Again the area will feel like a sunburned area and will feel tight. Keep the area as dry as possible so the scars can dry out. Within a few days the scabs will slowly start to fall off. Do not pick at the scabs. They will fall off naturally. For most people all of the scabs will fall off within a 8 day timeframe. Continue to apply the gel. Swelling may occur the following day after your treatment and will peak around day 3. After day 3 the swelling subsides.

Once the scabs all fall off it is best to use a Vitamin C product for the next few weeks to help with the healing. You can also continue using the silver gel.

No sunless tanner or prolonged sun exposure prior to the treatment and of course no sun exposure during the healing process.

The risks of the service are swelling and bruising, scabbing and crusting, and skin discoloration. Treatments are only done on skin types 1-3, so not dark skin. If you follow the directions and use the correct products the chances of any adverse reactions are minimal. A great skin regiment is important for optimal results.

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