Plasma Pen pre and post care

Ideally you want be on a good skin regiment before the treatment. Ideally you want to use a retinol and hydroquinone products for 4-6 weeks before your treatment. 3-4 days before your treatment stop using the retinol.

Post treatment use the silver healing gel. Do not use the same day as the treatment but you can start the next day. The gel will help to keep the wounds dry and also aid in healing. Us the gel until the scabs are all gone. The area will be itchy but do not scratch or pick at the scabs- I will cause scarring. If the scabs feel itchy apply the gel. You can continue to apply the gel with clean hands throughout the day.

Once the scabs heal use a good SPF product daily along with a Vitamin C product. You can use both an oral and a topical C product. The Vitamin C will help inhibit melanocyte production and decrease the chance of hyperpigmentation. You can continue to use r

etinol and hydroquinone during this time as needed.

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