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Not sure how much of the bikini area that you want to do?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

We have two prices for the bikini area. If you just want a few inches or so of the bikini line then the price is $60 per treatment. If you have more hormonal hair on the top of the leg (attached to the bikini line), want a small area of hair left but all of the restaurant gone or you want all of the hair gone (including the anal area) then the price is $80 per treatment. If you have a strip of between your belly button and your bikini line that area is also included in the price. Just shave it the day before.

I always suggest doing more then less at the beginning. Many women get nervous at first and are afraid of doing too much so think that they should be conservative with the amount that they want off. And then once they ge a few treatments and love the results they end up wanting to do more. The inner area takes the longest to tackle- the hair is thicker, the skin is darker, and that area is more hormonal so what is going on in your body affects that hair more.

Not sure how much of the bikini area that you want to do?

If you skip the inner area for a few visits then later decide to do it the amount of treatments needed will be more since the hardest area was not done at the beginning.

If you even think that you may want the entire area done then do it all at first. The treatments will only slowly thin out the hair at the beginning so the worse thing that will happen if you decide to keep more later on is that the area that you did laser a few times will just be a little lighter and finer- not a bad thing. You can change your mind those first 3-4 visits since the hair will never be completely gone after such few treatments.

Shave whatever you want off the day before so the hair is short but the skin isn't newly irritated. So come in with the area looking like you want it to- we will just follow the lines. And make sure that if you are just doing the bikini line you shaved enough so that you have a clean line and won't have any air sticking out of your bikini bottom.

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