Need numbing cream for the treatment?

Most laser hair removal systems are very painful so the companies providing the treatment highly recommend using numbing cream-- although you will still feel the discomfort since the lasers are SO painful. With the Alma system there is no need to use nymbing cream. We have hundreds of clients and see 50-80 clients a week and no on uses numbing cream.

With our system it is in motion technology so we are constantly moving around the hand piece which the tip is so cold it feels like an ice cube on your skin. That coolness helps to cool and protect the skin. We run the laser over a particular area for about a minute or so. During that time frame you feel a little warmth then a little pulling/tweezing sensation which is the laser penetrating down into the follicle to damage it. And that's it. Everyone, even people with a very low pain tolerance, say that the feeling is a little uncomfortable at times but they are not in pain. While we are treating you it feels strange but the second that we are done everyone says that it wasn't painful, just a little uncomfortable.

When you are finished with the the treatment you will not be in pain and your skin will not welt up and be sore like with the other lasers. It's that simple.

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